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Sthapotik design ancestral mausoleum for the ‘Pir’ of Uwaisi Tariqa in Bangladesh | avontuura

The Project is owned by a renowned Scientist of Bangladesh and he is the eldest son of ‘Pir’ Shah Muhammad Mohsin Khan, who was the famous religious leader of the Manikgonj. The project is the ancestral dargah of the owner. He commissioned Ar. Md. Sharif Uddin Ahammed for designing the Dargah (mausoleum) in his native home Hijuli, Manikgong, to reminisce the memory of the “Pir’ and develop an institution for exercising Islamic Knowledge for the betterment of society. Existing graves belong to ‘Pir’ Shah Muhammad Mohsin Khan Uwaisi (Father), Shah Muhammad Ismail khan Uwaisi (Grand Father), and Begum Noorjahan (Mother). Another grave space has been reserved for the owner himself. The project holds much importance due to the contribution of the ‘Pir’ in spreading Islamic knowledge and practice in the locality.

News Link: Shah Muhammad Mohshin Khan Mausoleum (Dargah)

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