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Shikor Country House in Bangladesh revels in the simple charm of rural architecture

Realised almost entirely in exposed brick, this country home by Spatial Architects is built as a rural retreat for a local family, and celebrates history, lineage, and ‘roots’.

Literally translating to “roots” from its native Bangla, Shikor, designed by Dhaka-based Spatial Architects, is a celebration, an evocation of what ties one to land. Built in the Bangladeshi rural countryside close to the financial capital of the region, Chattogram, Shikor is an inconspicuous architectural intervention that celebrates its simplicity: in form, material, and style. In a quest to find its roots, and to revere those of the Khan family, owners of the ancestral land on which Shikor stands, the house adopts an architectural language that is at once perceivably timeless, but also one that is bound to ‘age’ and not ‘decay’.


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