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Shah Muhammad Mohshin Khan Mausoleum | ArchDaily

Sufism is one most amazing, thought-provoking aspects of Islam. Sufism is derived from a more philosophical and social standpoint focusing on closeness to Allah (Schimmel, A., 1975). The Sufi saints were involved in the spread of Islam in Bengal through their religious and missionary zeal, exemplary character, and humanitarian activities. They even involve in regional politics as advisors to the ruler and influence them to do humanitarian work. The Uwaisi is a Tariqa (pathway) of Sufism that spiritually transmitted the vocabulary of Islamic mysticism, named after Owais al-Qarani. The project is a Dargah for the ‘Pir’ of Uwaisi Tariqa. Though the word “Pir” is a Persian word, it was locally adapted due to the role of the Persian saints in spreading Islam in this region. Existing graves were originally buried inside the residence of the “Pir”. Later on, the ancestors of the ‘Pir’ decided to build a unique (mausoleum) structure over the graves regarding Pir’s memory and contributions.

Photo: Asif Salman


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