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Kiran Rest House | ArchDaily

The structure of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Dhaka is located on the main road of a district reserved as the Diplomatic Site. It resides on a plot that neighbors the Embassy of the Republic of Korea on one side, and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the other, as well as the Embassies of Canada and the United States of America across the road. The smaller land size in comparison to the neighboring embassies and the intensive content of the requirements program can be considered as one of the challenging aspects of the project process. The program mainly includes the consulate, chancery, ambassador's residence, reception rooms, lodgment, and guest accommodation units. As the size of the land is not suitable for solving the intensive requirements program with a fragmented scheme, the user groups with different circulation relationships, privacy, and security needs are separated from each other and resolved in one focal structure.

Photo: Asif Salman

news link: Kiran Rest House


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