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Innovative Urban Living by ARCHFIELD Bangladesh in Dhaka

Project: Shohel Residence
Studio: ARCHFIELD Bangladesh
Year: 2019
Architect: Nitee Mahbub ,Wares Ul Ambia
Location: Bashundhara, Bangladesh

Description: Discover ARCHFIELD Bangladesh's 2019 project, a 1900 ft² home designed to enhance well-being in Dhaka's dense urban landscape. Prioritizing mental and physical health over space, this residence challenges conventional urban development with its minimalistic design and open spaces.

Key features include:
- **Open Space:** Maximizes outdoor areas, promoting family togetherness and stress relief through natural ventilation.
- **Pavilion and Courtyard:** These elements facilitate airflow and connect indoor and outdoor spaces, regulating the microclimate.
- **Sustainable Materials:** Utilizes local resources like traditional clay roof tiles, Sheetal Pati for ceilings, and louvered panels for ventilation.

This project redefines urban living in Dhaka, balancing environmental sustainability with modern needs, making it a model for future residential designs in rapidly urbanizing areas. Ideal for enthusiasts of sustainable architecture and innovative housing solutions in Bangladesh.

Architectural Photography by Asif Salman

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