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Project: Shikor
Design: Spatial Architects
Principal Architect: Naimul Ahsan & Farzana Rahman
Location: Banskhali, Chattagram, Bangladesh

Introducing SHIKOR: A Captivating Contemporary Brick Architecture Redefining Tradition in Bangladesh

Nestled not far from the commercial capital of the region, Chattogram, SHIKOR is a mesmerizing country house that celebrates the simplicity of forms while embracing the charm of rural architecture in a contemporary way. Derived from the Bengali term "SHIKOR," meaning "ROOTS," this home retreat stands as a testament to the origin from which it all begins – deeply rooted in the land on which it proudly stands.

The story of SHIKOR resonates with that of many Bangladeshi families, including the owners, whose ancestors were farmers. Over the generations, they transitioned from the countryside to neighboring urban areas, and today, the owners – both teachers – have settled in the city during their retirement. However, their memories and roots have forever kept them strongly connected to the village. As the ancient dwelling, once brimming with character and significance, started to lose its original charm and habitability, the Khans decided to create a new abode that would serve as a space for their children and grandchildren to cherish during holidays and pass on their heritage to future generations.

The result is a sprawling farmhouse, spanning over 440 square meters, that exudes the essence of traditional constructions while adding a contemporary twist. Embracing handcrafted workmanship from local artisans and harnessing the natural resources offered by the landscape, SHIKOR becomes a living museum of light and shadow, transforming its spaces from sunrise to sunset and from summer to winter.

The built complex showcases volumes that adapt to and embrace the terrain. For example, the volume made from bricks vanishes from the south to the south-east, inviting gentle breezes from all three directions. The ground floor houses the formal living room, which stands in splendid isolation, and the dining hall, projecting into nature through the Poschati verandah, the Projected Balcony. The upper floor's layout is inspired by a resort, skillfully balancing privacy and conviviality with the Gudam (bedrooms) thoughtfully allocated on this level.

A remarkable indoor pond takes center stage in SHIKOR's design, nestled within the Cavaedium, recreating the ambiance of a traditional Jolghat – a screened pond stair for female bathing. Terracotta bricks form the foundation of the Khans' country house, complemented by furniture crafted from recycled wood salvaged from old houses. Even metal pots, traditionally used for water, are gracefully transformed into lampshades, alternating with bamboo designs. This harmonious fusion keeps memories alive while optimizing costs.

Embracing contemporary brick architecture, SHIKOR stands tall as an award-winning testament to Bangladesh's architectural prowess. To immortalize its beauty and showcase the genius behind its design, esteemed Bangladeshi architectural photographer Asif Salman captures the essence of SHIKOR's soul through his visionary lens.

With a remarkable eye for detail and an innate understanding of the fusion of modernity and tradition, Asif Salman's photographic artistry beautifully captures every nuance of SHIKOR. His skillful compositions elevate Bangladeshi architecture to new heights, showcasing the captivating allure of SHIKOR and its celebration of cultural heritage.

In the words of Asif Salman, "Architecture is a story – a narrative that reflects the soul of the land and its people." Through his lens, he unravels the tale of SHIKOR, a story that echoes the heart of Bangladesh's architectural journey.

Discover the splendor of SHIKOR – a captivating contemporary brick architecture embodying the spirit of the past while embracing the future. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of Asif Salman's architectural photography as he elevates the beauty of SHIKOR to a higher plane, creating an enduring legacy of architectural excellence in Bangladesh.

Photo: Asif Salman
© 2020 | Do not use or publish these photographs without any prior permission from the photographer.

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