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Shah Muhammad Mohshin Khan Mausoleum / Sthapotik

Project: Shah Muhammad Mohshin Khan Mausoleum (Dorgah)
Studio: Sthapotik
Year: 2022
Architect: Sharif Uddin Ahammed
Location: Manikganj, Bangladesh

Description: Discover the Dargah of the 'Pir' of Uwaisi Tariqa, an awe-inspiring embodiment of Sufi philosophy and Islamic mysticism. Housed in the diverse cultural landscape of Bengal, the Dargah's design reverently intertwines religious architecture from the Sultani era with local aesthetics, reflecting a profound connection with its historical and cultural context. The concept 'Chandelier of Paradise' underscores its spiritual symbolism, where light filters through a grand ceiling, evoking a celestial atmosphere. Encapsulating the essence of traditional Bengal huts and Sultani period architecture, its square base features three honored graves. The structure's striking multi-domed ceiling and perforated brick turrets combine to form a symbolic composition, capturing attention while invoking spiritual contemplation. With local artisans employing traditional construction methods, this Dargah emerges as a testament to religious devotion, architectural prowess, and the mystical allure of Sufi tradition.

Architectural Photography by Asif Salman

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