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Project: চন্দনপুরায় কিছুক্ষন (Chandanpuray Kichukkhon) - For a while at chandanpura
Design: Spatial Architects
Principal Architect: Naimul Ahsan & Farzana Rahman
Location: Chanadanpura, Chattogram, Bangladesh

Chandanpuray Kichukkhon", designed by Spatial Architects, is a remarkable architectural project nestled in Chandanpura, Chattogram, Bangladesh. Under the visionary guidance of Principal Architects Naimul Ahsan & Farzana Rahman, this project breathes life into its surroundings. Captured through the lens of eminent architectural photographer Asif Salman, Chandanpura’s unique charm is brilliantly brought to life. This architectural marvel showcases Spatial Architects' innovative design approach, seamlessly integrating with the local context of Chandanpura. The project resonates with the local culture and heritage, showcasing the architectural prowess of Naimul Ahsan & Farzana Rahman. Dive into the captivating visuals of "Chandanpuray Kichukkhon", an embodiment of elegant architecture in harmony with the distinctive character of Chandanpura. Immerse in the rich visual narrative of the project through Asif Salman's evocative photography.

Architectural Photography by Asif Salman

© 2020 | Do not use or publish these photographs without any prior permission from the photographer.

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