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Himchori Residence / River & Rain

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Project: Himchori Residence
Studio: River & Rain
Year: 2017
Location: Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh


Discover the architectural marvel created by River & Rain in 2017, spanning an impressive area of 840 m². Nestled between lush green hills and the expansive sea in Bangladesh, this villa not only respects but enhances its natural surroundings, offering a seamless blend of contemporary design and environmental sensitivity.

This unique project draws its inspiration from the striking natural landscape of hills and sea, aiming to provide unobstructed views rather than serving as a barrier. The design of the villa emphasizes the celebration of the natural elements, incorporating a harmonious balance between the horizontal expanse of the sea and the vertical majesty of the hills. The architecture delicately minimizes site impact while preserving the existing natural ecosystem, ensuring that the building integrates smoothly into its environment. Key features of this residence include an off-centric entrance that leads to an inviting portico floating over a shallow water body, creating an immediate connection with nature upon arrival. Inside, the double-height living area and central airy staircase enhance the spatial experience, linking multiple levels of the home and inviting natural light and views into every corner.

The use of composite structures, combining steel and reinforced concrete, allows for the best expression of the architectural concept. Interior finishes vary from black polished marble that reflects the surrounding trees, to non-slip antique-polished marble outdoors, and wood and tile in private zones. Every bedroom offers distinct views of the natural setting, emphasizing the villa's design philosophy of living in harmony with nature. Outdoors, the villa features a meticulously designed landscape that complements its serene setting, with age-old recycled ship planks and concrete slabs intertwined with grass, enhancing the natural feel of the entrance.

This project by River & Rain is a testament to the possibilities of contemporary architecture in Bangladesh, where design meets nature, creating spaces that are both functional and inspirational. Perfect for architectural enthusiasts and those interested in sustainable and innovative building practices in Bangladesh's evolving architectural landscape.

Architectural Photography by Asif Salman

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