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Award-Winning Architectural Project in Teknaf, Bangladesh: 2022 Aga Khan Prize Recipient

2022 Aga Khan Architecture Prize winner, a remarkable sustainable project located in Teknaf, Bangladesh. Designed by architects Rizvi Hassan, Khwaja Fatmi, and Saad Ben Mostafa, this sustainable initiative incorporates six uniquely built structures within the world's largest Rohingya refugee camps

the 2022 Aga Khan Architecture Prize recipient - a unique, sustainable construction project situated in Teknaf, Bangladesh. Designed by renowned architects Rizvi Hassan, Khwaja Fatmi, and Saad Ben Mostafa, this innovative project was completed in 2019 and stands as a testament to human resilience and sustainable design.

The project comprises six uniquely constructed structures nestled within the world's largest Rohingya refugee camps. These camps serve as a sanctuary for the Rohingya community, who were forced to flee from the brutal violence in Myanmar. Each structure within this architectural ensemble illustrates an evolutionary practice exercise where the completion of one structure created a scope for the next one according to need.

One of the significant highlights of this project is a women-friendly space, designed to withstand cyclones, featuring a complex roof truss built by Rohingya bamboo workers without the need for drawings or models. This space demonstrates the power of collaborative design and local craftsmanship.

Another key feature is a safe space specifically designed for women and girls, offering practical support while maintaining harmony with nature. The exterior scheme avoids disturbance to visiting elephants, demonstrating a keen sensitivity to the local ecosystem.

Furthermore, there's a facility dedicated to empowering women by providing them a platform to create and showcase their handmade products. This facility, built of bamboo and thatch, stands as a symbol of community empowerment and sustainable design.

This award-winning architectural project showcases a blend of natural and industrial materials, colorful mattresses as roof insulation, and a design built around existing betel nut trees, challenging the deforestation trend.

This exceptional project in Teknaf, Bangladesh, recognized by the prestigious 2022 Aga Khan Architecture Prize, embodies the power of sustainable, collaborative design in creating spaces of refuge and empowerment.

Photo: Asif Salman
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