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Project: BRAC Regional Office 
Design: Centre for Inclusive Architecture and Urbanism

Location: Jointapur, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Description: BRAC, a renowned global NGO, collaborates with Ci+AU in a unique project to renovate their regional offices across Bangladesh. Facing challenges like inadequate workspaces, lack of amenities, and poor light and ventilation, the task was to design a sustainable, modern office architecture that embodies social justice. The design journey included visiting eight different climatic zones across Bangladesh. The challenge was to fit extensive requirements into small plots, from multiple BRAC program areas to staff accommodation, all needing a coherent spatial sequence. The design includes moderate-sized courtyards for natural light and ventilation, promoting an inclusive, healthy, and eco-friendly office environment. The inspiration for the visual language came from the Bengal pastoral landscape, encapsulating the Bengal hut, the solitary tree in the agricultural field, and the sweeping Bengal delta, symbolizing BRAC's mission of social inclusiveness.

Architectural Photography by Asif Salman
© 2022 | Do not use or publish these photographs without any prior permission from the photographer.

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