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বনের বাড়ি- Bon-er-Bari (A Forest Retreat)/ Vitti Sthapati Brindo ltd.

Project: Bon-er-Bari (A Forest Retreat)
Studio: Vitti Sthapati Brindo ltd.
Year: 2021-2022
Client: Dekko Legacy Group

Ar.Md. Ishtiaque Zahir (Team Leader)
Ar.Md. Iqbal Habib
Ar. Dristi Chakma

Location: Chandra, kaliyakoir, Gazipur, Dhaka

Description: Known as the land of water and life of all forms, Bangladesh is home to a vast variety of landscapes that are ubiquitous in the minds of its equally vibrant people. Surrounded by deep forest covers and an exciting landscape, this project is a private vacation villa for a joint family. Located within 2 hours drive from Dhaka, in close proximity to Chandra town at Gazipur, the site is a combination of natural and manmade landscapes, nurtured by lush verdant paddy fields, dense forest, and a diverse vegetable garden. Inspired by the topography, and natural wilderness, the design vision is to create a mystery in the journey of the access road and a revelation of this private estate after a progression of views inherent to the site.

This is more like a sheer house with various degrees of transparency that emulates the need to preserve the existing landscape to suit the user. Respecting the existing significant trees, the shape of the villa has been molded and adorned with a courtyard in the center surrounded by five bedrooms, and a living-dining space under a large overhead roof.

This is wholly crafted architecture with a lot of exercise in handmade finishes and innovation in using locally available materials, mostly metal, wood, and mud. The mud finish on the outer wall gives a sense of a rustic and bucolic setting near the countryside, whereas the inner habitat area has a contrasting scenario embellished with fine finishes and sophistication. Overall, this project entails the task of bringing forth its cultural infusion with the natural ambiance of the country while aiming to provide the user with a collective experience of the Bangladeshi countryside coupled with luxurious living.

Architectural Photography by Asif Salman

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