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Bait Ur Raiyan Mosque / Cubeinside

Project: Bait Ur Raiyan Mosque
Studio: Cubeinside
Year: 2023
Architect: Khandaker Ashifuzzaman Rajon, Shakhawat Hossain Rocky
Location: Kalkini, Madaripur, Bangladesh


Bait-Ur-Raiyan Mosque, located near the Arial Kha River in rural Bangladesh, is a unique example of Islamic architecture that combines traditional elements with modern geometric abstraction. This mosque is designed with a focus on symbolism in Islamic art, using geometry to abstract traditional symbols like domes, minarets, and arches.

The design features a floating dome that allows natural light to fill the interior, creating a sense of openness and connection to the sky. The minarets are designed as sculptural elements, and the entrance is a volumetric arch, making the space more welcoming. The mosque's rectangular shape and human-centric scale provide stability and intimacy.

Red brick and stone, materials traditional to Bangladeshi mosque heritage, are used to achieve a timeless aesthetic. The red bricks contrast with the green surroundings, while marble floors keep the interior cool. The mosque relies on natural ventilation and light, with large apertures and a central skylight ensuring the prayer area is well-lit.

Bait-Ur-Raiyan Mosque offers a spiritual and community space that respects Islamic traditions while embracing modern design principles.

Architectural Photography by Asif Salman

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