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Anukrom House / Venna Architects

Project: Anukrom
Studio: Venna Architects
Year: 2022
Architect: Asif M Ahsanul Haq
Location: Potia,Chattogram, Bangladesh

Discover the Anukrom House in Bangladesh, a stunning example of modern architecture by Venna Architects. This contemporary residence merges local tradition with modern design elements, creating a unique and sustainable living space. The house's innovative use of natural light and materials makes it a standout project, celebrated by architectural photographers and enthusiasts alike. Anukrom House exemplifies the best of contemporary Bangladeshi architecture, making it a landmark of design and a source of inspiration for the future of urban living. Visit our website for a glimpse into the future of home design with Venna Architects' Anukrom House.

Architectural Photography by Asif Salman

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