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Project: Friendship Hospital Satkhira
Design: Kashef Chowdhury/URBANA
Principal Architect: Kashef Chowdhury
Location: Satkhira, Bangladesh


Experience the striking architecture of Friendship Hospital in Satkhira through the lens of accomplished architectural photographer, Asif Salman. Situated in a cyclone-hit rural area of Bangladesh, this 80-bed community hospital stands as a beacon of hope amidst a landscape marked by low-rise structures and thatched houses.

The inception of this award-winning hospital came about through the philanthropic act of a local, who donated land for its construction. It serves a predominantly rural population in the Bangladesh Delta, providing a crucial lifeline for communities in need.

Designed by internationally renowned firm Kashef Chowdhury/URBANA, the hospital was completed in April 2018 and has since won several awards for its innovative and contextual design. Through Salman's expert photography, the hospital's harmonious relationship with the riverine Bengal landscape is beautifully captured. Its sustainable design, efficient layout, and use of natural ventilation embody the spirit of innovative architecture that works in harmony with its environment.

Salman's camera delicately details the direct and reflected sunlight that penetrates all wards and consulting rooms, contributing to the hospital's natural aesthetic. His work also shows how the hospital's architecture negotiates the challenges of separating inpatient and outpatient departments in a site designed to be a campus of interconnected courtyards.

Adding a layer of complexity and sustainability, the hospital's design incorporates a canal that traverses the site. Serving as an access barrier while retaining visual continuity, the canal also collects rainwater, animating an internal landscape. This feature culminates in two large tanks at either end of the hospital, storing harvested water - an invaluable resource in an area where saline groundwater is unusable for practical purposes.

Salman's architectural photography showcases this remarkable healthcare facility in all its facets, providing a detailed look into a truly innovative architectural project. His work serves as a testament to the power of design in serving the community while respecting and integrating the surrounding natural environment.

Architectural Photography by Asif Salman

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